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Square Dish
The product "Square Dish" was part of my fifth semester at university. The task was to create a Kickstarter project that generates €1000. Square Dish was founded last year and was chosen as the design object of the day by Kickstarter.

Square Dish - square, practical, beautiful Why are plates always round, white and made of ceramic? There are so many reasons why, because ceramic breaks as soon as it touches the ground. A square would be more efficient than a circle and white is pretty boring. The Kickstarter project SQR DSH (Square Dish) is a modern set of plates and bowls. It is supposed to save space compared to normal dishes due to its shape, and it also impresses with a new look.

The look is emphasized by its material: wood. Wood retains heat, while ceramic absorbs heat. Normally, you put your dishes on top of each other in the kitchen cabinet. But SQR DSH is designed to be seen! This way, no storage space is lost and you have a beautiful eye-catcher in your home. By placing SQR DSH on top of each other, you create a modern piece of interior design. In addition, the special design of SQR DSH gives you the opportunity to combine your main dishes with side dishes in a new and interesting way.

supervising - Prof. Judith M. Grießhaber BKD 4